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Jewish Graphic Design Zine

Jewish Graphic Design Zine


Jewish Graphic Design with Hebrew and Yiddish Typography



Although I do not speak Hebrew or Yiddish fluently, these languages are integral to the Jewish identity. To be a Jewish person is to have a connection to these letterforms and their meanings. Even my name, at the core of my being, solidifies both Hebrew and Yiddish as my birthright. My first name, Adina, was given to me to carry on the fam- ily tree of my childhood next-door neighbor David Bauer, who had no children and whose entire family was murdered in the Holocaust. Adina means “gentle” in Hebrew. My last name, Shecter, is derived from a Yiddish word meaning “to slaughter,” and denotes a lineage of kosher butchers. The contradiction of my name, meaning both Gentle and Slaughter, is the perfect representation of my relation to Jewish identity. The tensions between Hebrew and Yiddish, Religious and Secular, Israel and Diaspora, Zionism and Doykeit are also my birthright.


To me, Judaism is about the wonder and exploration surrounding these ideas. I find beauty in this complex history of a people that have existed for 5783 years, connected by tradition and devotion to our texts.




- Religious Texts

- Italy: Illuminated Manuscripts and Hebrew Printing

- Yiddish in Jewish Communities

- A Zionist Creation: Conversational Hebrew

- Israeli Culture and Typography

- Jewish Artists in the Diaspora


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